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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Last Mid-semester Break

Look at how time flew by! Felt like it was yesterday I was contemplating to take up science or business.
Now,I'm already graduating from my degree undergraduate program!

So this final semester, we decide to have a short getaway to Port Dickson together!
We booked water chalets at Avillion PD, which seemed to be my second home that I always go back to yearly. But this time around it's more fun, cause I'm with all my beloved friends.

Let the adventure begin ! :)

Some 'must-have' picture with the girls in our room ! HAHAH

when wen is busy getting ready! :P

when i'm busy getting an extra room card lol.

my dear chee that I've met since day one of college ;)

the boys

our attempt to take a picture while avoiding to get into the pool under the hot scorching sun :D

taking a picture despite the hot sun.
It was so hot we immediately ran away after a picture! 

Our attempt on "you're the apple of my eye" Taiwanese movie picture :D

We did many crazy memorable things together, singing and playing games.
Making fun of each other and laughing at each other lame jokes.
Not to forget, jumping into the swimming pool at 4AM! Insane but worth the fun.


Piggy-backing kei.
The only time i can do it! LOL
wen wen wen wen
sister in law :)

too cute to not post!HAHA


gotta say something, the boys cant self cam using the camera!
They tend to look at the flip screen than the camera lens itself. hahaha

here's another! HAHAH

4AM. took the bet to swim and he'll buy me breakfast. 
That he still owes me -_-"

Kei & I planned to pushed him down...

But .. it didn't happen :(

I don't know when will our next trip with everyone "full attendance" but till then the memory is made and I'll anticipate for more holidays together in the future together.

 Till then , loves! 


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

그냥..놀고 싶어..

In need of motivation. badly.
All of a sudden, I kept wanting to play. It's really frustrating. :(
Finals are in 6 days times. I really hope I can make it through my last "war".
Promised self to stop playing after this post and get back to study zen mode. Let's all hope it happens!
Also, I'm going to pray hard and study (or you can at least say memorize) hard until everything ends.
I am really crossing my fingers that I can attempt to complete all the questions for all my papers.
So I can have a peace of mind during my holidays and graduate happily!

Till then I'm going to put vacation trips as my source of motivation to push through this week!

(그냥..놀고 싶어.. = I just want to play.)

Aivin you can do it! 화이팅! 너는 할 수 있게!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Skinny Pizza Noms

Had a sudden urge to post this. Because I was craving for it. :(
I wish we have this in Malaysia, anyways my parents and I were lost in and we didn’t know what to eat.
So we end up trying Skinny Pizza at 100AM Shopping Mall.

They had a promotion that was fairly interesting so we decided to try it!
It was the Chicken Satay Pizza, filled with grilled marinated chicken topped with spicy pineapple dressed in yummy satay peanut sauce!  It was really appetizing! 

But I love their Spaghetti Aglio Olio and pork sausage the most. T_T
Also, wished I saw their dessert display earlier on too.
Would’ve tried if but was too full after cause the portion was big although we already shared. :|

Went to Plain Vanilla after and also had awesome oyster at midnight.
Finals around the corner, pretty sure I’ll find time to post again. Most probably when I’m procrastinating! Cheers! Miss Singapore and my girls already! Till then <3 o:p="">


Friday, April 26, 2013

Ivy's 21st!

After a long day at KL, I went over to pick up Ivy for a sleep over at my place!
Eeling came at 12 with the plan of surprising Ivy for her birthday!
It went sort of well! :D Manage to fool her, but not completely ! :( but still an achievement I must say!


Birthday Eggies :) 

We had a great time watching TV Inkigayo and more, and cooking curly fries and etc at 2am !
(gosh, come to think of it we're really unhealthy. hahahhaa)
Slept at the morning, and only decide to head to Brews and Breads in Kota Kemuning for our brunch at 3:30PM! We were all zombies , trying to function with an empty stomach. hehe.

I had Caramel Latte and Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta!
Couldn't remember what is the name of Ling's and Ivy's food!
We also had Mushroom soup! So chunky and yummy!!

Caramel Latte Love

Seafood Aglio Olio!
Superrrb! My fav from Brews &Bread!

Greennies for Ling

to the right you can see a girl, picking filters for instagram.

my dears


Ivy's :)

Mushroom Soup to share :D

After that, we all rushed home to get ready for the second round!
To celebrate Ivy's birthday dinner we book a place at Namoo on the Park in Publika.
The food there are superb! So are the yummy potato latte! So foamy . noms noms.

Spotlight of the day. 

Here comes the food pictures!

Namoo Fruit Water 

Kimchi Tang
(aka as kimchijiggae la)

Beef Rice Burger!
The chicken one is Bibi Rice Burger! Tried that at another visit!
So yummmmy. something unique !

Bulgogi Beef Taco
Koala love it!

More noms

Potato Latte

Sweet Potato Cake! :D

too good to resist ^-^

making her guess what's her present and unwrapping it! :D

mata sepets 

I hope she won't kill me for putting this. tooo funny HAHAHHA .


Before we left, we took some group pictures.
Then we head over to third round , dessert at KTZ(?).

when I was waiting for the waiter to come over to help us take picture.
too cute!

lingy being a cutie cat! hahaha!

random, but happy "kids" at the park.

I try to post about all girls birthday cause this year will be a special year for all of us.
That's all for now! :)

Polaroid of the day!



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